Titusonic®, speeding kitchen cabinets production

The advanced process provides exceptional bond strength. It can be adapted into many product categories.
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Clean and fast assembly of furniture cabinets

Titusonic® is offering a revolutionary fastening solution with WoodWelding® technology for rigid furniture. The advanced process provides exceptional bond strength. It can be adapted into many product categories. The first two industrial applications are Titusonic® cabinet fastening (Sonic Rivet) and Titusonic® Hollow Core Board (HCB) fastening.

According to internal tests, the Titusonic process enables 50 % faster assembly time and approximately 60% higher joint strength than a typical kitchen cabinet fixated with cam & dowel. The Titusonic process does not require additional parts (cam & dowel set) and fitting those parts to cabinet panels. Instead, a Sonic Dowel is inserted in drilling and pressed using the Titusonic press.

Fast Process

When using the WoodWelding® process ultrasonic energy of approximately 20.000 cycles per second is applied. Adding pressure to the process, the liquified plastic connector element is forced into the wood utilising the natural porosity of most wood based materials such as chipboard, MDF, HDF and plywood. Most solid woods can also be used with this process, which takes only seconds to complete.

Quality assured

  • The Titusonic process utilises a Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor performance
  • Each pressing is recorded and can be checked for quality reasons at any time

Advantages over traditionally glued dowels

  • Bonds in three to four seconds
  • Exceptional strength
  • Does not require inner frame for fastening strength
  • Can be applied in random positions
  • Can be tailored to anchor most conventional fittings

Paving the way for innovation

Titusonic products are based on the revolutionary WoodWelding fastening process for ultrasonically bonding wooden materials without the use of adhesives. Titus developed Titusonic® together with WoodWelding® technology in 2005. It takes fastening of wood products into the future with a process that can be likened to welding of the steel in car manufacture and shipbuilding.

Titus Group and WoodWelding collaborate closely to bring more applicative solutions to the market. A recent development of Titus Group is ‘ModulR by Titusonic’, a modular cabinet assembly machine which thanks to ultrasonic technology for joining furniture cabinets significantly reduces the time between planning and installation of a custom-made cabinets. The time between planning and assembling a custom kitchen, for example, can be reduced to less than a week.

Industrial production

With Titusonic® technology

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