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Our fixation technologies find applications in a wide array of industries.
From carpets in automotive to fixing bones in pets.


With more than 20 years experience in the medical sector, we have established ourselves as leaders for the fixation of biocompatible resorbable pins, implants & anchors in human and animal bone.

When conventional implants typically necessitate additional surgeries for removal, our technology allows the pins to gradually resorb over time, thereby enhancing patient comfort and surgical efficiency.
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Our Toothwelding technology finds applications in the dental field whether it is for:
- Fillings and inlays,
- Root canal treatments,
- Crowns, bridges, and prosthetics.

We use ultrasonic energy not only to enhance fixation, but also to allow the introduction of custom non-rotational designs that are tailor-made to each patient.
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In the construction industry, our innovative approach is revolutionizing traditional building practices. Our technology offers a unique solution for wood joining, setting us apart from conventional methods.

Our Woodwelding technology ensures rapid, robust, and environmentally friendly joints, negating the need for adhesives or mechanical fasteners that can compromise structural integrity and sustainability.

It not only accelerates construction timelines but also aligns with eco-conscious building practices. By simplifying the construction process and reducing the environmental impact, our technology is paving the way for anew era in construction, marked by efficiency and sustainability.
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Originally known as Woodwelding, our technology made its debut in the furniture industry, revolutionizing large-scale assembly lines by significantly boosting factory efficiency.

The fast and high-quality fixation we offer has transformed operations for major furniture manufacturers, eliminating the need for screws and adhesives, and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their products. Additionally, our technology has enabled innovative do-it-yourself furniture options, thanks to the versatile design possibilities of the pins.
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In the automotive industry, our spin-off Multimaterial-Welding has teamed up with a leader in fastening to create products that are tailor-made for the industry. This approach ensures strong, lightweight joints, enhancing vehicle performance and safety.

It also supports design flexibility and contributes to weight reduction, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. Our technology is driving innovation in automotive manufacturing, steering the industry towards greater sustainability and advanced design.
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